Gluck Solutions: Hypnosis in NYC

Dr. Gluck of Gluck Solutions has always been interested in hypnosis in NYC, what that relationship has been, and how it’s been evolving.

New York City is the mecca of Western medicine, much in the same way California is the alternative medicine capital of the United States (or even the world). Within the last five years, however, New York City is beginning to adopt some methods that have been previously shunned or ignored.

Now, the entire country, including New York, is taking a closer look at nutrition, clinical hypnosis (neuroplasticity and Rational Cognitive Therapy, both of which are practiced at Gluck Solutions), yoga/meditation, and even, acupuncture. It’s about time clinical hypnosis got its rightful place in the public consciousness.

It has taken, and will take more, years for hypnosis to come into its own. There are few NYC practitioners who have serious experience in the field or work to dispel the myths surrounding it, but in the end, it will become the cherished discipline that it deserves to be. Where else for this process to accelerate than in NYC? I have full faith in the future of NYC Hypnosis.

New York City is the melting pot of the world, so why not benefit from the healing insight of the myriad of disciplines of the East and West?

There’s still a long way to go despite the growing optimism. Hypnosis in NYC is where chiropractic was in the 1950s. It’s still confused with stage hypnosis, mysticism, and other misinterpretations provided in movies, television, and literature. But, we’re going in the right direction. Tons of my NYC clients, who have tried medication and psychotherapy, have been spreading the word that Medical Hypnosis really does work for quitting smoking, weight loss, and anxiety/depression.

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Six Life Coaching Tips, by Gluck Solutions

Gluck Solutions six life coaching tips that help reach your business or personal goals.

  1. DEFINE YOUR GOALS Clearly identifying your life goals, first in your own mind, then writing them down. STARTING from nowhere is the first step–not a destination. Once goals are defined, develop a clear plan and begin to implement it.
  2. ANALYZE YOUR CURRENT PERFORMANCE Accept only the best. Your life is continually evolving, and having a Life Coach will take you to the next level. Satisfaction, not contentment, is the state of mind you need to achieve.
  3. DEVELOP EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATION SKILLS Negotiation is a learned skill, not an innate one. Life Coaching teaches you the foundation, the nuances and the art behind effective negotiation skills.
  4. ACHIEVE OPTIMAL FOCUS AND MOTIVATION Many people have the skills needed to be successful, but they are easily distracted from their life course and become disorganized without someone to point them in the right direction. Life Coaches eliminate distractions and are consistently motivated to help you become a success.
  5. STRENGTHEN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS Life Coaches show you how to create strong bonds while maintaining your independence and personal integrity. Learn how to say “no” without weakening a relationship.
  6. REFINE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS Send a message to your clients and peers that will be received and understood. Know the communication style of the receiver so that your message will be heard and – most importantly – listened to.

Contact Gluck Solutions for more information on life coaching and hypnosis in NYC.

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Strangest Case I Ever Had! Dr. Errol Gluck Reviews

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Gluck Solutions/Dr. Errol Gluck reviews an odd experience he had and talks about it: its the strangest hypnosis case in NYC he ever had during his 33 years.

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76 Year Old Cougar on Gluck Radio Podcast at Gluck Solutions

76 Year Old Cougar on Gluck Radio Podcast at Gluck Solutions

Listen to the debut episode of Gluck Solutions radio podcast and hear Dr. Errol Gluck interview the compelling and vivacious Hattie Retroage.  As a self proclaimed “cougar” at 76 years old, she continually sleeps with men more than half her age, in the continual search for the right person to give her heart of gold to. If you thought that sexuality ended with menopause, think again. This is a must listen!

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Who is Dr. Errol Gluck of Gluck Solutions?

Dr. Errol Gluck of Gluck Solutions is a Clinical Hypnotist and Executive Life Coach in NYC, and introduces himself to a packed room of 100 people during one of his recent free seminars in White Plains, New York.

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Dr. Errol Gluck of Gluck Solutions: Sports Hypnosis Improves Golf Game

Dr. Errol Gluck of Gluck Solutions: Sports Hypnosis Improves Golf Game

Jack Nicklaus  said that golf is a game that requires 90% mental preparation and 10% skill;  three hypnosis sessions can change your golf game forever this Summer.  Hypnosis improves golf game usually in three sessions, according to Dr. Errol Gluck of Gluck Solutions in New York City.

Sports hypnosis expert Dr. Errol Gluck likes to quote The King golfer, Arnold Palmer, who once said, “I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s golf game. It is called an eraser.” Palmer probably did not hear of hypnosis. Although golf requires a perfect swing, a perfect follow-through, intra-body connectivity, etc., the game is mostly mental, and the ball will end up in the bunker if that’s where one’s mind is.

Dr. Errol Gluck, “A great golfer is already within you. How do we know? Well, you’ve surely had great games where you were just tearing up the course, right?”  Dr. Gluck continues, “Why did you have one great day in between a bunch of not-so-great ones? It was because you were focused, relaxed, and consistent – the stars in your mind were aligned.” Hypnosis helps activate those states of more frequently. Hypnosis frees the mind allowing golfers to reach their skills through concentration.

It doesn’t matter what one thinks before the game, or before the tee up; all that matters is whether the mind and body are in sync when the club meets ball. Sports hypnosis creates a sharper mind, strengthens reflexes, eliminates awareness of pain and soreness, and develops a routine that can be returned to time and time again.

Self-help books and online videos usually have limited effectiveness. One-on-one sessions with a trained hypnotist helps people solve a range of challenges from golf to losing weight, help smokers quit, solve depression, and help the professional and/or the social/business golfer relinquish the intense anxiety that creeps up on the golf-course.

The great advantage about hypnosis is that it’s fast.  A golfer—or anyone–doesn’t want to be in a doctor’s office three times every week; a golfer wants to be on the grass. An expert hypnotist requires only two or three sessions to impact and completely change one’s golf game.

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Gluck Solutions Testimonial Review

A video testimonial review of Gluck Solutions’ Dr. Errol Gluck.  Meet John, a former patient talks about his success with Dr. Gluck’s weight loss program. Dr. Errol Gluck focuses on hypnosis in NYC, is a Clinical Hypnotist and Executive Life Coach, and is ready to help you too. Change your thinking, change your life.

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Errol Gluck: Like Obesity, Weight Loss Can Be Contagious

Errol Gluck: Like Obesity, Weight Loss Can Be Contagious  

From The Atlantic Magazine; March 2nd, 2012;

By Hans Villarica

Mar 2 2012, 8:00 AM ET1

Teammates in a dieting challenge significantly improved each other’s outcomes, suggesting that shedding pounds can have a ripple effect.

PROBLEM: Obesity remains a common, deadly, and costly disease in the U.S. It affectsone in three American adults and its associated health problems, including heart disease and diabetes, cost the nation hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Can team-based weight loss interventions help?

METHODOLOGY: Researchers from Brown University analyzed the results of the 2009Shape Up Rhode Island campaign, a 12-week online weight loss competition where participants joined a team and competed in three divisions: weight loss, physical activity, and pedometer steps. The contest included 3,330 overweight or obese people or 987 teams.

RESULTS: Competition outcomes were most determined by the teams the participants were in. Those who lost clinically significant amounts of weight or at least five percent of their initial body weight tended to be on the same teams. Members who reported more teammate influence also increased their odds of achieving this level of weight loss by 20 percent.

CONCLUSION: Social influences can fuel weight loss.

IMPLICATION: Being surrounded by the right people when dieting matters. Lead author Tricia Leahey explains in a statement that they may provide accountability, help set expectations of weight loss, and provide encouragement and support.

Errol Gluck, Gluck Solutions

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Hypnosis Social Network Sites: Our Hypnospace, Hypnothoughts

Here are two hypnosis social networking sites that you might find helpful:
Our Hypnospace

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Weight Loss Control Using Hypnosis: Thanks for Coming to Saturday’s Free Seminar

Weight Loss Control Using Hypnosis: Thanks for Coming to Saturday’s Free Seminar

Thanks to everyone for coming to White Plains.  We had a great turnout for Saturdays weight loss control using hypnosis.

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